“EduCanada Fair In Hong Kong 2022”

Scheduled MeetNow™ Online Sessions For 1-On-1 B2B Partnering Discussions

How to take “nice-to-know-you” encounters at events to result in successful partnerships?  Prompt follow-ups, of course! Perhaps that’s why The Consulate General of Canada in Hong Kong & Macao chose to provide MeetNow™, our scheduled online meeting function to make it easy for these engagements after their EduCanada Fair 2022 closed.  Linked to the event’s website, local education consultants simply had to browse for interested colleges, choose a time slot from the selection each school provided, enter a few details, then click “Submit”.  MeetNow’s automated scheduler workflow took care of the rest, right down to sending reminder emails with an embedded access link.  Reschedule?  No need to cancel and create from new. Our workflow allows editing in the changes. 

Over a 2-day period, we made online engagements “1-Click-Easy” for over 250 partnering sessions.