UC.NOW® Digital Expo™ Extends Recruitment Dynamics In HK Universities’ Career Fairs

In the fast-paced world of talent acquisition, UC.NOW® Digital Expo™ provided one of the easy-to-launch solutions for the enterprises, which participated in universities’ career fairs, with a job application mini-site. This “Scan-To-Booth” option allows link job applicants from employer’s physical booth to job vacancy postings on the online platform.  Here’s how our event-tech solution extends recruitment dynamics in traditional career fairs, providing a seamless and efficient experience for both HR and students.

Mobile-Centric Accessibility

Leverage the ubiquity of smartphones. Participants effortlessly navigate between physical and online exhibits using a simple QR code scan, ensuring a smooth transition between recruitment information, and company information via a job application mini-site.

Scan-To-Apply Convenience

Our solution enables students to bookmark and apply to job vacancies instantly by scanning QR codes after their short visits to the physical booth, offering unparalleled flexibility to engage with each participating company.  Whether it’s immediate application or saving preferred jobs for later, UC.NOW® Digital Expo™ ensures a user-friendly experience.  The employers also had faculty scan and forward the site to their students for further action.

Post-Event Application

Extend the opportunity beyond the physical career fair.  Students can apply for jobs even after the event, maximizing the impact and reach of your recruitment drive.

Comprehensive Information Access

Empower students with the ability to download company brochures and details about specific job programs directly to their devices, enhancing their understanding of potential employers.

Efficient Job Application Management

UC.NOW® Digital Expo™ automates the job application process.  HR receives instant email notifications, streamlining candidate follow-ups and creating a seamless workflow for recruiters.

Tailored Marketing With Customized Banners

Increase visibility for job posts with customized banners, ensuring each opportunity captures the attention it deserves, and creating a memorable brand presence.

Data Security And Direct Information Collection

For HR professionals, our solution allows direct information collection without relying on external career sites, ensuring data security and facilitating a direct connection between employers and potential candidates.

In a competitive recruitment landscape, UC.NOW® Digital Expo™ empowers enterprises to stay ahead, fostering meaningful connections between talent and opportunity.  Upgrade your career fairs with our event-tech solution, setting a new opportunity for recruitment events today. Looking for more ideas?  Click HERE to read our eBook now!