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InfoHub™ For Webinars: One-Stop Information & Online Engagement Space

Passé are sporadic lectures managed manually and each delivered differently. InfoHub is Digital Expo’s new webinar platform for you to build a central, automated “virtual hub” for learning, sharing and online engagement.

  • For Organizers: Make InfoHub the “Go-To” webinar venue for your customers.   Free your staff to focus on curating exciting programs and not bogged down by tedious tasks & multiple softwares. Let this webinar platform automate, from event creation, enrolment management, content upload to pre-start reminders
  • For Knowledge Seekers: Don’t wait for eDMs. Browse the organizer’s InfoHub regularly for interesting programs. Like to enroll? Just click to proceed. Missed a session? Find its documents, recordings and notes easily on this webinar platform
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Placement Centre™ For Virtual Education Fairs

So many schools and majors to explore but not enough time!  Host virtual study events on our Digital Expo platform and it will not a problem. Uniquely featured on this pre-built template for online study fairs is Placement Centre, an automation designed to help students and their parents visiting events on our Digital Expo platform to navigate easily. 

  • Comprehensive filters to shortlist countries, schools and majors of study
  • For shortlisted schools with representatives online at their virtual booths, students in Hong Kong can start live chats with 1-click
  • Time zone differences? Students can submit meeting requests to school reps for mutually convenient times.  Once confirmed, automated workflows guide both parties into the schools’ MeetNow™ rooms for private discussions

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Job Centre™ For Virtual Career Fairs

Unique to Digital Expo, Job Centre is designed to automate the interactions needed to boost effectiveness of online recruitment for both job seekers and employers directly on our virtual event solution. 

  • Job Seekers can create a profile online or upload a CV. Then, using available filters to quickly shortlist suitable vacancies, they can submit online job applications directly on the virtual event solution’s portal 
  • Employers will be notified of new applications to their job vacancies. Once logged in to our Digital Expo platform, HR can begin to process these applications, including inviting candidates to attend an online interview directly on the virtual event solution
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MeetNow™ – Real Time Talent Engagement

Virtual booths on UC.Now Digital Expo platform come equipped with Meet Now, a 1-to-1 private video meeting room that is 1-click-to-enter: meeting links are embedded on the virtual booth and not shared via email or SMS. The room can be configured to admit 1 guest at any time to keep discussions private. A “queue” can also be set up to automatically admit the next guest in waiting. This proprietary real time video communication and collaboration technology is developed in Hong Kong, and designed to work seamlessly with all Digital Expo event templates to support different live video-based interactions during virtual events.

Application Scenarios

Use Case

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Virtual Career Fairs On Private Cloud Digital Expo Platform – A New Approach For HK Universities

Hong Kong Baptist University, The Polytechnic University Of Hong Kong and The Open University Of Hong Kong hosted their respective 2021 Virtual Career Fairs earlier this year with a new approach. Adapted from our pre-built virtual event solution template for job fairs and hosted on our private cloud Digital Expo platform in HK, this year’s edition featured more live video workshops for job seekers to interact privately with recruitment specialists in HK: 1-on-1 career consultations, resume clinics and more. With a tough economy and competitive job market ahead, the organizers’ intention was to help graduates better prepare for job applications and interviews.   With the key purpose of these virtual career fairs being strong online recruitment , our Digital Expo platform uniquely provided Job Centre and Meet Now, 2 ready functions that automated job applications and recruitment interviews to take place directly on our virtual event solution during the event for better efficiency.

Best Practices

Turn In-Booth Meet Now Live Chats Into 1st Interviews At Virtual Career Fairs   

When a job seeker engages an employer in video chat, with the right tools available HR can treat this as an initial screening. How? Our virtual event solution for career fairs not only let the job seekers see employer’s company information, it can also let employer’s see the job seeker’s profile created on the Digital Expo platform. This way, these otherwise strangers can “know each other” better in order to engage in more insightful interactions. For one, armed with background information about the job seeker, the employer can devise more targeted responses to queries, and direct the conversation as one would for a first interview. Meet Now on our Digital Expo platform lets the employer jot down relevant notes as the session proceeds. These records can be retrieved to help speed up recruitment processing, should the job seeker subsequently apply for employment