Transforming Events: Buildings Department Pioneers Hybrid Experience At Eco Expo 2023

Elevate your event strategy with UC.NOW® Digital Expo™ as we delve into a new case featuring the Buildings Department at Eco Expo 2023.  Discover how our innovative solution seamlessly extends physical displays to a hybrid model, aligning with the event theme of “Taking the Leap towards Carbon Neutrality”.

Extended Event Content

Eco Expo 2023, held from 26 – 29 October at AsiaWorld-Expo, witnessed a transformative approach by the Buildings Department.  UC.NOW® Digital Expo™ empowered them to extend event content seamlessly, embracing a hybrid experience that goes beyond physical limitations.

Virtual Booth Integration

Our solution provided a virtual booth for the Buildings Department, enabling attendees to explore detailed physical displays conveniently. This approach not only enhanced accessibility but also facilitated direct links to related online resources, ensuring a comprehensive and connected experience.

Green Initiatives with 3D Interactive Booth Designs

Embrace sustainability by opting for 3D interactive booth designs within the virtual realm.  UC.NOW® Digital Expo™ enables organizations to reduce their carbon footprint by minimizing physical resources while maximizing engagement through visually appealing and interactive 3D designs.

UC.NOW® Digital Expo™ offering enterprises, government departments, and event organizers a new approach to enhance audience reach, provide interactive experiences, and contribute to environmental sustainability.  Join the future of events with our event-tech solution.