Bridging Gaps: UC.NOW® Digital Expo™ Revolutionizes Hybrid Career Fairs For PolyU And HKMU

Explore the evolution of career fairs as UC.NOW® Digital Expo™ transforms traditional events into efficient, hybrid experiences.  Uniquely featuring JobCentre™, the end-to-end online recruitment workflow automation of UC.NOW® Digital Expo™’s virtual career fair application, remained core as our customers expanded beyond career fairs to deploy our solution into different formats of “Digital Transformation” for more control and flexibility for on-going career development activities.

Discover how our solution addresses the changing behaviors of both employers and job seekers, providing convenience, efficiency, and an extended engagement platform for universities like The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) and Hong Kong Metropolitan University (HKMU).

Adapting To The Digital Landscape

Witness a paradigm shift as both employers and job seekers embrace the virtual realm.  With 100+ employers distributed over 3 to 4 days each with 1 day’s representation on site only, conversations at booths will be short & fleeting, not nearly enough time for employers to share in-depth they can offer as a career.  UC.NOW® Digital Expo™ caters to this shift, offering universities like PolyU and HKMU the tools to seamlessly transition their career fairs into a hybrid model.

Extended Engagement With UC.NOW® Digital Expo™

Overcome the constraints of short-lived onsite events.  UC.NOW® Digital Expo™, uniquely featuring Job Centre™, allowing universities to extend engagement beyond the physical event’s conclusion.  By providing stakeholders with the “best-of-both-worlds” in career development and job placement, our solution transformed their career fairs into “Career Weeks” or “Career Month”.  Our solution provided meaningful connections with 100+ employers, addressing the fleeting nature of onsite interactions.  Universities can also streamline their arrangement of CV clinic section or online career talks via our online scheduling tools.  An automated workflow created notifications for both students and the CV consultants after students registered each section.

Efficient Job Applications

Navigate the challenges of high foot traffic and limited booth privacy.  Our solution empowers students to apply for jobs directly from the online platform, providing a seamless and private experience for applicants and enhancing the overall recruitment process.  From viewing applications to update job application status, employers can process the job applications directly on our platform.

Boost Event Engagement With Leaderboard™

PolyU also applied Leaderboard™, one of our latest features, into their 2023 edition for boosting the event engagement.  It displays the rankings of participants based on their activity and performance on the UC.NOW® Digital Expo™ event platform.  Leaderboard™ creates a motivation for the students to complete tasks and challenges that earn them points and rewards.

UC.NOW® Digital Expo™ is the catalyst for universities seeking to revolutionize their career fairs.  Embrace the hybrid model, break free from traditional constraints, and create a dynamic platform that fosters meaningful connections between students and employers.