Enhancing Events Into Hybrid: UC.NOW® Digital Expo™ And The Application In “BUSINESS GOVirtual Expo & Conference 2023”

Embark on a new era of events with UC.NOW® Digital Expo™ – a total solution that transforms traditional trade events into dynamic hybrid experiences.  Explore the story of “BUSINESS GOVirtual Expo & Conference 2023”, organized by Baobab Tree Event Management Co Ltd, and discover the unrivaled advantages of our event-tech solutions.

Unleashing Hybrid Events

Break free from the confines of physical boundaries!  UC.NOW® Digital Expo™ and Baobab Tree Event Management, pioneers the “Exhibition-In-Exhibition” concept, extending event content beyond venue limitations.  Reach audiences in Hong Kong, the Greater Bay Area and Southeast Asia seamlessly this July.

Scan-To-Booth Engagement

Over 450 users experienced content beyond the physical venue through our “scan-to-booth” feature.  By scanning QR codes to virtual booths, attendees explored Metaverse Gamification, downloaded e-materials, and delved into the latest trends, unlocking an immersive and interactive event experience.

Extended Duration

Elevate your event’s impact – the 2023 edition extended from 3 days to an impressive 10 days. With UC.NOW® Digital Expo™, over 1,500 users engaged with the online platform, ensuring additional visitors to your hybrid event and extended meaningful interaction via the online event platform.

Tiered Charge Options

Empower exhibitors with flexibility.  Our solution offers tiered charge options for Standard and Premier Virtual Booths, providing exhibitors with customizable choices that suit their needs and budget.

Live Streaming Success

Capture the essence of key events!  UC.NOW® Digital Expo™ facilitated live streaming of significant events like the opening ceremony.  Over 1,200 users engaged in rewatching speaker sessions, showcasing the platform’s effectiveness in enhancing event accessibility and reach.

Seize the future of events by embracing the hybrid model with UC.NOW® Digital Expo™.  Elevate attendee experiences, extend event durations, and unlock new possibilities for your next expo. Revolutionize the way you host events – it’s time to go beyond boundaries!

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